Surf in El Salvador: The best surf spots and useful tips

A quick overview: Surf in El Salvador In this article, Spanish School El Zonte would like to give you some useful tips and hints about the surf in El Salvador. But first, let's give you a quick overview of thing most essential facts if you want to surf in El Salvador....

Surfing in El Salvador: 8 frequently asked questions

If you decided to go surfing in El Salvador, you might have some questions. We, as Spanish School El Zonte, would like to answer the most important ones. Anyway, if you have more questions, please don't hesitate to write us a message or a comment down below.   EL...

What is SURF in Spanish? – A useful survival guide for surfers in El Salvador

Do you plan a surf-trip to a Spanish speaking country and you want to be prepared with the essential vocabulary? Then this article might be interesting for you! Click on the audio to learn how to pronounce the most important phrases and become a "local" 😉 If you're...
Things to do in El Salvador


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