Surf El Zonte & learn Spanish in Paradise!

El Zonte is a small beach village in El Salvador which is known for its vibrant surfing scene, perfect waves almost all year around and its lovely people. We don’t have any noisy bars, discotheques or big hotels here. So if you want to party you can go to El Tunco for a night out. It’s a 15-minute bus ride from here.

The village itself has some friendly small hostels, restaurants, and bars. But you will have enough possibilities to practice your Spanish that you’ve learned at Spanish School El Zonte with the local people here. Not to forget: Surf El Zonte! It’s a perfect spot for beginners and advanced surfers. Learn more about El Zonte on this page!

El Zonte: What to do?

El Zonte is the perfect place to surf, learn Spanish, chill out, and enjoy the tropical lifestyle! Please also read our Blog to learn more about El Salvador and El Zonte. You can also write us an email if you need more information. 


There's sun almost all year around. Enjoy the tropical lifestyle and don't forget your sun protection.

Beach & Surf

El Zonte has two beautiful beaches with two main surf spots and natural surrounding. Sometimes you can see turtles and even whales.

Restaurants & Bars

El Zonte has some excellent restaurants, bars, and places to hang out. El Tunco is just a 15min bus drive away.

Travel El Salvador

Use El Zonte as your hub to discover El Salvador. There are a lot of things to do in this beautiful country!


Get to know "El Pueblo Loco." El Zonte's locals are welcoming and friendly people. Practice your Spanish with them!


There are a lot of things you do here besides learning Spanish: yoga classes, fishing, visit a waterfall, volcano hikes, and a lot more.

Surf El Zonte​

El Zonte has two main surf spots: a beach break and the main point break. The water is warm so that you won’t need a wetsuit – just a lot of sunscreen.  The swell is bigger from April to September (sometimes double-overhead), but you can find waves for all surf-levels here – even beginners. There are a lot of experienced surf-instructors that can teach you how to surf. We can also provide you with everything you need to surf El Zonte: surfboards, leashes, wax. El Salvador is getting more and more popular among surfers. 

Which means you won’t surf the waves alone. But compared to other surf destinations, El Salvador still is “uncrowded.” There is always a wave to catch, and you can choose in between a dozen of excellent surf spots that are easy to reach within a 15-minute drive by car. We can provide you the transport to the surf spots and also a car rental if you wish so. Check out the video to get an impression what El Salvador has to offer. Please also check out our blog to get more information if you want to surf El Zonte and El Salvador.

El Zonte: How to get there?

El Zonte is about 10-15min away from El Tunco. You can take a public bus (about US$ 0.75) to get here. If you come from Antigua Guatemala, most shuttles will drop you off directly in El Zonte. Coming from the airport, you better take a taxi (Acacya) or book a pickup with the hostel/hotel where you stay. The Tour operator Tunco Life also offers personal pick-ups directly from the airport. It will take you about one hour to get from the airport to El Zonte. Another option is to get a rental car, but please be sure that you have a valid driver’s license and insurance. You can rent a car directly at the airport.

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