FREE Spanish worksheets for beginners!

spanish worksheets for beginners

Do you want to start learning Spanish?

Are you looking for free Spanish worksheets for beginners?

Then we might have something for you:

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Spanish worksheets for beginners

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Spanish worksheets for beginners

Spanish Worksheets for beginners: Content


Free online exercises

Our Spanish worksheets for beginners are also online on our webpage! Try our free Spanish learning resources and get instant feedback!


Spanish vocabulary practice

Learn the essential Spanish vocabulary: family, the Spanish numbers, how to say the time in Spanish, Salvadoran slang, and more,…


Free YouTube-Videos

On our YouTube-Channel, we offer your educational and entertaining video with our virtual Spanish teacher Mónica. Don’t miss them! You can always find the matching video with a link or a QR-Code. 


Spanish grammar charts

Learn the essential Spanish grammar for beginners: Spanish verb conjugation, Spanish definite and indefinite articles, Spanish prepositions, the Spanish past tense “preterito indefinido,” and much more.


Designed according to the CFER

Our Spanish worksheets for beginners are carefully designed according to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, teaching, assessment)


Learn more about El Salvador

Our Spanish worksheets for beginners also contain exciting information about El Salvador’s beautiful sights, culture, and history.

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Spanish worksheets for beginners


Spanish learning manual!


Download our Spanish learning manual as a pdf with more than 80 pages for free!

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