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Spanish School El Zonte’s “home base” is at Palo Verde Hotel in El Zonte, El Salvador! You can find us right at the beachfront in between Puro Surf Academy and Esencia Nativa Hostel. The classes will take place right in front of the “Palo Verde” Hotel in a small tropical garden. Our goal is to maintain a high quality for our students and to transmit joy when learning the Spanish language. Therefore our idea is to make our students the protagonists of the learning process and to create an enjoyable learning experience.

Spanish Lessons El Salvador
Our Home Base: Palo Verde Hotel, El Zonte


We don't have any specific start dates. You can book extra lessons for the regular price, and there are no reservation or inscription fees. You can book Spanish lessons in the morning or the afternoon.

Class Duration

One Spanish lesson has 55 minutes. We offer you discounts for specific amounts of Spanish lessons (see "Prices).


Our teachers follow the curriculum of Cervantes Institute and the European guidelines for languages detailed in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Learning Manual​s

The price of our Spanish Lessons includes our self-designed learning manuals. Of course, you can always bring your books, learning materials, etc.


If you book Spanish lessons with Spanish School El Zonte, we also offer you free water, coffee, and wifi during the time you stay with us!

Free Cancelation

In the highly unlikely case that you don't like our Spanish lessons, you can cancel your reservation without any costs!

Spanish lessons el salvador
We took a 20-lessons-package we were pretty happy with our partner lessons.

Tamara & Michael



Spanish School El Zonte: Our teachers!

By choosing Spanish School El Zonte, you support a project that is guided by the idea of sustainable tourism. We aim to support the community and the local people who work here. Therefore we pay our teachers fairly, and we pay our taxes. Also, we think it’s essential to support their professional development with further training.  We are aware that the quality of the lessons you receive is the most important thing. Our teachers work with our self designed learning manuals. But you can also bring your books etc..

Spanish Lessons El Salvador

Spanish School El Zonte: our curriculum

Our self designed learning manuals provide you the necessary structure to make you Spanish classes successful. They are carefully designed and follow the European Guidelines for languages detailed in the Common European Framework of reference for Languages (CEFR).

Beside the necessary grammar and vocabulary we think that it is really important to practice your oral skills and to get you immersed in the Salvadoran culture.

Spanish School El Zonte: our classroom

Our classroom is a tropical garden with a terrace right in front of the “Palo Verde Hotel.” It’s quiet and cozy and offers you the perfect surrounding for your Spanish lessons. Although it’s just a simple (but beautiful) garden, we believe that you will like it.

Spanish Lessons in El Salvador
William is a great teacher: personable, easygoing and knowledgable! Great experience! Learned a lot!




Bildungsurlaub Spanischunterricht

For our German students:

Wir bieten seit März 2019 Intensivseminare (6 Stunden täglich) für einen “Bildungsurlaub” an. Dabei handelt es sich um Einzel- oder Partnerunterricht, in denen intensiv die Grundlagen für das erfolgreiche Bestehen des Sprachtest nach dem GER (Gemeinsamer Europäischer Referenrahmen)  nach den Niveaustufen A1, A2 oder B1 vorbereitet wird. 

Bisher liegt uns die Anerkennung aus folgenden Bundesländern vor:

  • Schleswig-Holstein
  • Hessen
  • Rheinland-Pfalz
  • Berlin-Brandenburg

Bitte melden Sie sich bei uns, wenn Sie an einem derartigen Kurs (Bildungsurlaub) interessiert sind, auch wenn Sie aus einem anderen Bundesland kommen und noch kein Kurs ausgeschrieben ist.

Folgenden Kurse, sind derzeit ausgeschrieben:

03.02.-14.02.2020 – Sprachkurs Spanisch: Erwerb von Kenntnissen und praktischen Sprachfertigkeiten für das Sprachniveau A 1 bzw. A2 nach dem GER

16.03.-27.03.2020 – Sprachkurs Spanisch: Erwerb von Kenntnissen und praktischen Sprachfertigkeiten für das Sprachniveau A 1 bzw. A2 nach dem GER

Spanish School El Zonte: Online classes

We also offer online classes. It’s a perfect option for you if you don’t want to stay in El Zonte forever and if you wish to continue with your learning process at home. Appointments can be scheduled flexibly.

Spanish lessons online

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