Things to do in El Salvador

There is no doubt: El Salvador is such a beautiful country that it doesn’t deserve to be on the “blacklist” of lots of travelers. El Salvador is safe for tourists if you accept the standard rules of traveling in a developing country. Maybe this blog can be a small contribution to give El Salvador back what it deserves. Check out this blog to learn more about the things to do in El Salvador and to plan your trip. Make the most out of it! There’s a lot to discover, and we’re sure that you will love it.

Some words about this blog:

The blog contents are written from us, from our students, or from anyone who wants to join this project! We also use the content of this site during our Spanish classes to practice the skills of our students.

By the way: You’re very welcome to become a part of this blog and create something to talk about: in English or Spanish! Contact us!

But to make it clear:

  • Our blog not complete (yet) but a good start to get to know El Salvador and to find some ideas about the things to do in El Salvador.
  • We don’t take any responsibility for the information we provide on this blog. Nevertheless, we put a lot of effort into collecting all this information for you.

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