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The Spanish preterite tense | regular verbs | 6 FREE exercises!

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The Spanish preterite tense “Pretérito Indefinido” usually is the 2nd Spanish past tense that you study as a beginner. It is almost the same as the “simple past” in English or the “Präteritum” in German. But still, there are some differences how you use it in Spanish. Watch Mónica’s video about the Spanish preterite tense to learn more (click here).


If you study the Spanish preterite tense “Pretérito Indefinido,” you can easily get lost because the different verb conjugations can be confusing sometimes. Also, there are regular and irregular verbs.

We recommend studying a few regular verbs first. After that, you need to learn the irregular verbs conjugation in the Spanish past tense.

It makes sense if you start studying the essential ones first (hablar, escribir, beber, salir, etc.). We found this webpage for the Spanish  verb conjugation in the past tense very helpful (click here).

If you already want to study the irregular verbs: click here.

Try our free exercises! If you still need help with the Spanish preterite tense “Pretérito Indefinido,” don’t hesitate to contact us. We offer face-to-face Spanish lessons in El Zonte, El Salvador, and also online classes.


The Spanish preterite tense regular verbs

If you find the exercises helpful, please leave a comment or let other know. Maybe you’re also interested in our other articles about the Spanish past tense:

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