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Spanish School El Zonte also offers Spanish online lessons for our students. It’s an excellent option to continue learning Spanish after you left El Salvador, or even if you don’t want to come to El Salvador and support our project.

Spanish Online lessons
Spanish online lessons with Spanish School El Zonte

Spanish online lessons -

Fair prices

Each online lesson is only US$10 and takes 45 minutes!

Learning material included

We send you our learning material as a pdf.

First lesson for free!

Your first lessons is free to get to know your teacher.

No risk!

You pay at the end of your course!

Flexible schedule

You can set up your individual schedule!

How does it work?

It’s pretty easy. You can contact us via email and make an appointment with your teacher. Please be aware that we can offer Spanish online classes between 7 am and 6 pm (Salvadoran time, CST). After your first Spanish online lessons via Skype, you can set up your schedule for the following classes if you wish to continue. Your first lesson is free!

What do we offer?

Each lesson (55minutes) costs US$10, which makes it easy and transparent for you to calculate the costs. We offer custom made Spanish online lessons, which means you can let your teacher know where you want to improve your Spanish skills.

Also, we send you our self-made learning manuals (Level A1-B2) as a pdf; each one has more than 80 pages. The manual is included in the price of your classes.

The best for last: You pay at the end of your course. Which means there is no risk at all for you. If the connection isn’t perfect, you don’t have to pay. If you’re not satisfied with your Spanish online lessons, there’s no need to pay for it! If you are not happy with Spanish School El Zonte, we are neither.

Spanish lessons online
Learn Spanish online!

How do you pay your Spanish online lessons?

The easiest way to pay for your Spanish online lessons is to use Xoom and transfer the money directly to our bank account in El Salvador. It’s safe, fast, and reliable because it’s a service of PayPal. As we mentioned before, you can pay at the end of your course, so there’s no need to pay if you’re not happy with your classes.

How much do Spanish online lessons cost?

Each Spanish online lesson is 55 minutes and costs US$10. Taking 15 Spanish online lessons would cost you US$ 150, for example. Also, we would kindly ask you to pay the transaction fees, which are not that expensive. Sending us US$50, for example, would cost you US$ 5.99. You can easily calculate your transaction fees here.

If you have any questions concerning our Spanish online lessons, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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