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Salvadoran Slang Words: 15 Charming Quiz Questions

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Do you know any Salvadoran Slang words? Or have you ever been to El Salvador and think you are ready for our ultimate “Salvadoran Slang Words Quiz“? If not, you might be interested in learning some “caliche”.

In this post, we want to give you some general hints about Salvadoran Slang Words and some useful resources to learn some.

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Salvadoran Slang Words

Why learning Salvadoran Slang words?

As Spanish School El Zonte, we think that teaching slang is part of teaching a country’s culture. And El Salvador has a rich culture of slang words, also called “caliche”. Salvadoran People seem to be very proud of their typical slang.

The other reason is that as a Spanish learner, you will notice that it’s essential to know at least the crucial Salvadoran Slang words if you live or travel in El Salvador. Suddenly you will see that using at least a few slang words is like a “door-opener” in many situations and into people’s hearts.

It doesn’t matter if you have a small talk with the local shop owner or a surfer on the beach: using the essential Salvadoran Slang words shows your interest in the culture of El Salvador. And the people here will highly appreciate that.

Also, it’s essential to know which words you should NOT use. Sometimes you will realize that using slang isn’t appropriate. That’s also part of learning a language!

salvadoran slang words

Learn Salvadoran Slang words with Mónica 

Mónica is our virtual Spanish teacher and wants to give you an excellent first impression of Salvadoran Slang.

It’s a good start if you want to do your first steps learning “caliche”. You will also realize that even people whose first language is Spanish will have some problems with Salvadoran Slang.

Please have a look:


Useful resources to learn Salvadoran Slang words: Guanaco to English

If you want to start learning Salvadoran Slang, the “Guanaco to English” dictionary is the perfect start.

It’s a lovely book from Diego Argueta, a young graphic designer from San Salvador. The book contains the most important Salvadoran Slang words, including a sentence in English as an example of its correct use.

You can purchase it on the internet here and also in El Zonte at our Spanish School. If you’re interested in learning more about Diego Argueta, you may find our interview very interesting.


Salvadoran Slang

Start learning “caliche” with Spanish School El Zonte

As Spanish School El Zonte, we always think that it’s essential to show you a part of El Salvador’s culture if you’re taking Spanish lessons with us.

Salvadoran Slang words are a part of it. Because learning a language always means that you’re getting immersed in another culture.

Salvadoran Slang Words

In our self-designed learning manuals, Salvadoran Slang words are always part of the Spanish vocabulary you learn. If you’re interested, you can download one of our learning manuals for free. Join our mailing list to receive the latest news and our free Spanish learning manual for beginners with 86 pages.

The Ultimate Salvadoran Slang Quiz: 15 tough questions

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Salvadoran Slang Quiz
salvadoran slang
Salvadoran Slang Quiz

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