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10 Salvadoran Slang phrases| Free Listening practice

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Why learning Salvadoran slang phrases?

Let’s learn some Salvadoran Slang phrases! Why? Well, first, because it’s amusing. And second, because you will notice it’s very beneficial if you travel to El Salvador.

If you know some basics phrases in Salvadoran Slang, it will be like a “door opener” for you. Salvadoran people usually really appreciate it if you speak some Salvadoran Slang words because it’s part of their culture.

If you are interested in learning more Spanish from El Salvador, our qualified teachers can help you: online or one-to-one in El Salvador! Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Also, you might be interested in learning more Spanish with Mónica’s teaching videos on our YouTube-Channel. Additionally, we recommend to download or free Spanish learning manual for beginners with more than 80 pages. 

But now: Let’s go and start or listerning practice: Salvadoran Slang phrases for beginners!

Listerning practice: Salvadoran Slang for beginners!

Do you want to learn more about El Salvador?


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