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We, Spanish School El Zonte, want to give you some useful information about Playa El Tunco. As the most crucial tourist hub, most people who come to El Salvador visit El Tunco at least once. We would also like to give you some alternatives if you prefer not to stay in Playa El Tunco. Additionally, we want to provide you with our tips for “Playa El Tunco at the end of this post.

Playa El Tunco & Sunzal, El Salvador
Playa El Tunco & Sunzal, El Salvador

The small beach town El Tunco (actually is more a village than a town) is about 50 minutes away from the international airport and 45 minutes away from San Salvador. “El Tunco” means “pig” or “hog”. Why? Well, have a look at this picture! Can you see the hog laying in the dirt on his back?

El Salvador Travel Advisory
Can you see “El Tunco” (The pig/hog)

Why you should visit Playa El Tunco

Playa El Tunco has become more and more busy in the last years. Depending on what you’re looking for, you will find everything you need for your vacation in El Salvador. There’s plenty of Hotels and Hostels for every budget, bars, restaurants, and tour operators.

Also, if you like to party, there’re a lot of possibilities here. Backpackers, Surfers, and national tourists fill up the bars on the weekends, and it’s easy to socialize here.

There’re direct Shuttles from Playa El Tunco to Antigua Guatemala, Suchitoto, Nicaragua, and other exciting destinations close to El Salvador. Some tour operators offer tours to the most exciting places in El Salvador, like the volcano “Santa Ana” or the waterfalls of “Tamanique”. You can also rent a scooter or a car and discover El Salvador on your own.

Playa El Tunco, El Salvador
Playa El Tunco, El Salvador: it’s easy to socialize here!

Concerning the surf, there are three different spots in walking distance, but they sometimes can get crowded (but luckily still far away from “Bali-crowded”).

“Sunzal”, “La Bocana”, and “La Bocanita”. Sunzal is a very consistent intermediate to beginner spot. “La Bocana” and “La Bocanita” is a more advanced surf spot. Also, there are a lot of people who offer surf lessons. If you don’t feel that safe in the water, you should consider hiring one.

Why you should consider NOT to stay at Playa El Tunco

Well, as always, it’s a question of what you’re looking for. Staying in El Tunco means you will be surrounded by small businesses, other international tourists, and some noisy bars, especially on the weekends. You might like that, or you don’t. There’re some alternatives if you prefer mellower places or just fewer people.

Of course, we have to mention Playa El Zonte, not only because it’s Spanish School El Zonte Spanish lessons in El Salvador‘s home. It’s simply beautiful, less touristy and still has enough possibilities to have a great time in El Salvador.

Playa El Zonte is about 15 minutes by public bus from Playa El Tunco. Another option would by “K59” or “Playa Mizata”, more to the west. There’re some options to stay, and if you want a quiet place, these are the places to be.

El Zonte El Salvador
El Zonte El Salvador

10 useful Traveler Tips for Playa El Tunco

Ok, so these are probably the most frequently asked questions that people ask us about Playa El Tunco. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any more questions. Also, you’re welcome to let us know about your travel experiences.

How do I get to Playa El Tunco?

Usually, your hotel or hostel can provide you an airport pickup.There are also official taxis (Acacya) at the airport who offer you a ride to Playa El Tunco for about US$30.

How and where can I get cash in Playa El Tunco?

At most places at Playa El Tunco, you can pay with a credit card, although it’s often better to have cash with you because sometimes they charge you an extra fee. El Tunco has three (and counting) ATMs that accept international credit cards. If the ATMs don’t take your credit card, try smaller amounts or go to La Libertad!

And what about security at Playa El Tunco?

Playa El Tunco is generally safe, also for women, if you travel with common sense and don’t do something stupid. There’s a police station in Playa El Tunco. Concerning the surf: Don’t overestimate yourself while surfing! Please also read our article “FAQ: Safety in El Salvador!” if you want to learn more.

Is there a hospital at Playa El Tunco? What if I get sick?

There’s no hospital at Playa El Tunco. The next small hospital is 10 minutes away in La Libertad. If you have severe problems, you have to go to San Salvador. Some hospitals have an international standard. Be sure to have international health insurance. In general, you shouldn’t drink the tap water and be a bit aware of what and where you eat. Hydrate properly and use sun protection!

How expensive is Playa El Tunco?

Depending on how big your budget is, Playa El Tunco is not expensive at all. A beer is about US$ 1. You can have a full meal, the famous “pupusas” (see our article about Salvadoran food), for example, for about US$ 3 and hostel start about US$7 per night. Tours start at $15 per person (for Tamanique waterfalls for example!).

Playa El Tunco, El Salvador
Playa Sunzal, next to Playa El Tunco in El Salvador: Not at bad place at all!

Should I rent a car in Playa El Tunco?

Well, you could, depending on how big your budget is and what your plans are. A rental car starts at US$30, fully insured. Be sure to sign a proper contract! Driver’s licenses from other countries are generally accepted.

If you plan to stay most of the time at Playa El Tunco, there’s no need to rent one. If you plan to discover more of El Salvador, you should consider renting one (also see our blog post about “How to travel El Salvador: Transportation Tips“).

What’s worth visiting close to Playa El Tunco?

The waterfalls of “Tamanique” is the classy tour. We can absolutely recommend that! It’s an easy to moderate 1-hour hike (one way) and about 40 minutes away from Playa El Tunco. Don’t miss that.

Also, we can recommend you hike the volcano “Santa Ana, it’s about a one day trip. If there are big waves, you should go to “Punta Roca”, even if you don’t surf. It’s spectacular to see the surfers riding the waves. Also, the historical City Center of El Salvador is worth a visit.

Volcano Santa Ana, El Salvador
Volcano Santa Ana, El Salvador

Should I bring my surfboard to Playa El Tunco?

Depending on how your surf level is, how long you plan to stay in El Salvador and how big your budget is, you should consider bringing your surfboard. You can easily rent a decent one for US$ 10 or less per day. Also, you can buy one and sell it if you leave. There’s a good surf shop, “Papaya Surf Shop”. Please also read our article “Surf in El Salvador: Useful Tips & Hints“.

Are there any times during the year where I shouldn’t go to Playa El Tunco?

Well, Playa El Tunco can get pretty crowded on public holidays. You should reserve your hostel or consider a quieter place when you’re traveling:

  • during Easter week
  • during the first week of august (Semana Agostina)
  • 15th of September (Independence Day)
  • and around Christmas time

In general, high season starts in November with the end of the rainy season and goes till April). The rainy season sets typically in May. But it doesn’t mean that it’s raining all the time. El Salvador gets beautifully green, and the surf spots are getting less crowded. During the rainy season the beaches a full of rocks. They disappear during the dry season.

Are there any places you can recommend?

Well, there’re so many new places at Playa El Tunco now that we don’t know them all. But we can tell you Spanish School El Zonte’s favorite places. Have a look at the pictures:

Try the Surfo's Rum!
“Surfos” offers delicious hand made rum infusions also sells shuttle transfers to the most popular destinations close to Playa El Tunco. You can find it right at the main street.
Tunco Veloz at Playa El Tunco, El Salvador
Tunco Veloz at Playa El Tunco, El Salvador: Try the best pizza in town. Tip: Bring your own beer because they don’t sell it.

Playa El Tunco, El Salvador
Bar “La Guitarra” in Playa El Tunco: El Salvador’s best place for live music! Come here for sunset, drink a beer right at the beach and listen to some of the best musicians that El Salvador has to offer.
Things to do in El Salvador


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