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Learn the numbers to 100 in Spanish | Free exercises!

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Do you want to learn the numbers to 100 in Spanish?

In this post, you will find a free learning video with our virtual Spanish teacher Mónica. We recommend watching it first when you start from zero.

If you want to practice the Spanish numbers to 100, we recommend skipping the video. Have a look at our “Spanish numbers to 100 chart” and trying our free listening practice. You should be able to master it without any problems as an intermediate speaker.

If this is still too easy for you, we recommend trying our writing exercise for the Spanish numbers to 100.


Learning video: The  numbers to 100 in Spanish

The numbers to 100 in Spanish – Chart (free pdf)

If you still need to practice the numbers to 100 in Spanish, we recommend downloading our free pdf, print it, and put it on your fridge or any place that you can see every day.

It’s an excellent way to memorize your Spanish vocabulary. Please donwload the pdf by subscribing to our newsletter.

numbers in spanish to 100

Free listening practice: The Spanish numbers

Listen carefully! You will hear ten Spanish numbers to 100. Write down the number that you hear (not the word!). Are you already a master of the Spanish numbers?

Writing practice: The Spanish numbers to 100

There are situations when you also have to write the Spanish numbers. If you try our writing exercise, please be aware that you always use the accent marks and the correct spelling!

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