Do you want to learn Spanish, and have you thought about doing it on YouTube?

Especially in the last few months, the Corona-Virus showed us that traveling the world to learn Spanish might not be possible for a more extended period.

As Spanish School El Zonte, we would like to give you our sincere answer to this question and let you know the pros and cons of learning Spanish on YouTube. 

Do give you an idea: this is our list about the pros and cons to learn Spanish on YouTube!


It's for free and comfortable!


A large variety of videos!


It's like traveling the world!


No structure in your learning process!


You won't develop conversation skills!


YouTube can't replace the intercultural experience!

PRO: Learn Spanish on YouTube is for free and very comfortable

You don’t have to spend any money if you want to learn some Spanish on youtube.

Also, you can sit on the cozy sofa and watch some videos without leaving your room. That saves you a lot of time!
You can easily choose between several channels, pick your favorite topic (grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation).

The variety of videos and channels is overwhelming! It’s not that easy to find the best Spanish online YouTubers. “Butterfly Spanish – Learn Spanish with Ana” is one of these YouTube channels that we find professional and helpful.


CONTRA: No one helps you to get a structure into your learning process.

No doubt: No one can beat youtube concerning the number of videos and free lessons you can find there.

But: No one helps you to get a structure into your learning process. It’s like if you want to pick up some needles in a dark room from the floor. It’s hard to find where they are! Same with your Spanish.

 If you try to learn Spanish on youtube, you will realize pretty quickly that you need some structure, someone who tells you where to start and what to improve.

 A good, real-life, Spanish teacher will help you to find out where to start and what to learn. He will let you know what to improve and the most important thing: You can have an authentic conversation with her or him.

And concerning the costs: Yes, one-to-one Spanish lessons are more expensive, and you have to travel to another place possibly. But: This money is spent wisely.

We often made the experience that the discipline of our students is very high. It’s probably higher than if you’re sitting on your cozy sofa learning Spanish. They know that they paid some money to improve their Spanish. Sometimes the people need that “extra push.” That’s why we think that One-to-one Spanish lessons can’t be substituted by Youtube videos.

Learn Spanish in El Salvador

PRO: There’s everything you need on Youtube to learn Spanish!

Ok, that’s true. There’s probably no topic of the Spanish grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary that isn’t covered by some video on YouTube.

There’re thousands and thousands of channels that offer Spanish lessons in different languages. You can watch the video as often as you want, no real teacher would have that patience. It’s 100% flexible concerning location and time and very often, it’s for free!


CONTRA: Learning a language ONLY on YouTube doesn’t work!

 Depending on what type of learner you are, learning Spanish on YouTube is not always the right choice.

We made the experience that our students weren’t able to have a simple conversation, although they told us that they learned some Spanish on YouTube before. 

 The reason is simple: Learning Spanish on YouTube means it’s almost 100% “one-way input.” No one asks you to speak Spanish, and there’s no need to have an authentic conversation like in real life.

You might learn the grammar and the difference between “ser” and “estar”, but that doesn’t mean that you know how to have a real-time conversation.


PRO: Learning Spanish on YouTube is like traveling the world.

Somehow that’s true. We love the fact that the internet made the world a bit smaller! It’s amazing what you can find on YouTube, also, about the Spanish language and culture.

It doesn’t matter if you want to find out more about the different accents, the culture, typical food, or how to date a girl in Mexico.

It’s all there on YouTube! And we’ve seen excellent videos, probably more entertaining than a boring one-to-one class about “subjunctive”:


CONTRA: We must disappoint you, but Youtube is not the real-world!

Of course, there’s a contra: We must disappoint you, but Youtube is not real-world!

Only if you ever had a conversation with a Spanish speaker with a different accent, only if you have ever made some typical food like pupusas in El Salvador and only if had some small talk with the local fisherman in Costa Rica you will truly understand and experience what the culture in Spanish Spanish countries is all about.

 It’s not about what you see and listen to on Youtube; it’s all about the experiences you make. Learning a language is all about meeting new people!

El Zonte El Salvador

Conclusion: Learn Spanish on YouTube?

The answer to this question is easy: yes, you should, don’t miss all the great videos to learn Spanish on YouTube! 

But we don’t believe that this is the only way because in our opinion learning Spanish ONLY on Youtube doesn’t work at all. 

Youtube is an excellent source of additional videos to learn Spanish, but it cannot substitute a real-life teacher that sits in front of you.

There’re a lot of great videos that can provide you an excellent repetition or explanation of the grammar, but only in a real-life conversation, you will know if you’re able to speak and write Spanish.

Only a real-life teacher can motivate you, correct you, and give a structure to your learning process.

We think a combination of all is the best: real-life one-to-one lessons, youtube videos, books, and maybe some apps (read more about the best learning apps here). And you will realize quickly: it can be enjoyable to learn Spanish, go for it!

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