Salvadoran Slang Words: 15 Charming Quiz Questions

Do you know any Salvadoran Slang words? Or have you ever been to El Salvador and think you are ready for our ultimate "Salvadoran Slang Words Quiz"? If not, you might be interested in learning some "caliche". In this post, we want to give you some general hints about...

The ultimate “Ser vs Estar Quiz”: 20 challenging exercises

Ser vs Estar: How to use it correctly Do you know what the difference between these two sentences is? Soy nervioso.Estoy nervioso.Then you might skip this and go directly to out "Ser vs Estar Quiz". If not, you should read out ultimate "Ser vs Estar Quiz"-preparation...

Por vs Para Quiz: 20 exercises to practice your Spanish!

Why learning the correct use of "por" and "para"? Can you explain the difference between these two sentences? If you can, you're probably ready for our ultimate "Por vs Para Quiz"! Julio compró el regalo para su madre.Julio compró el regalo por su madre.The correct...

Spanish level test: Do you want to know fast how good your Spanish is?

Do you want to know how good your Spanish is? Then our quick Spanish level test might be a good option for you. You should keep reading below if you're interested in learning more about Spanish-level tests and the different levels of Spanish.How...

El Quiz de El Salvador: ¿Qué tan salvadoreño/a eres realmente?

¿Cuánto sabes sobre EL SALVADOR? Si crees que conoces bien El Salvador aquí te dejamos este quiz. A ver que tan bien conoces al “Pulgarcito de América” o qué tan salvadoreñ@ eres. Demuestra cuántos datos conoces sobre la historia, la política, la cultura de El...

Das ultimative El Salvador Quiz: Wie gut kennst du El Salvador?

Wie gut kennst du El Salvador? Mach das ultimative El Salvador-Quiz! Kommst du sogar aus El Salvador? Dann teste wie gut du dein eigenes Land wirklich kennst! Finde die Antworten auf 20 interessante Fragen über El Salvador's Geschichte, Politik, Kultur und den Alltag....
Where is the best place to learn Spanish?

Where is the best place to learn Spanish?

If you're thinking about taking a Spanish course abroad, you probably ask yourself where to go. Going abroad or stay at home? And which country is the best to learn Spanish abroad? Of course, this is always an individual choice. We, as Spanish...

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