Learn Spanish on YouTube? Why not!? We did an honest review of some of the best YouTube-channels for you that offer Spanish education videos.

But first, it’s important to mention that it’s not that easy to find “the best” Spanish teaching “YouTubers” or YouTube-channels.

There’s an increasing amount of persons and companies that offer their lessons and Spanish education videos on Youtube.

Before getting deeper into the different Youtube channels, we want to mention that we, in general, respect all the effort and time that these persons spent into making their learning videos.

“Butterfly Spanish – Learn Spanish on YouTube with Ana”

Learn Spanish on YouTube

Since 2012, “Butterfly Spanish – Learn Spanish with Ana” is one of these YouTube channels that we find professional, sympathetic, and very helpful.

For more than seven years, Ana is offering her videos on her channel, “Butterly Spanish.” She’s a very energetic and enthusiastic woman that teaches you a lot about the Spanish language.

More than half a million people (with almost 40 million views!) watch her videos about vocabulary, grammar, and cultural aspects, and there must be a reason for it!

She has an excellent sense of the typical problems of almost every Spanish learner. Her explanations are mostly in English, and the videos are primarily for beginners and intermediate learners. On her webpage, you can donate and subscribe to her newsletter.

Our opinion: “Butterfly Spanish” is a “must watch” for the severe Spanish-learner or if you want to repeat specific Spanish grammar topics. 

Also, you can watch a lot of audios for listening comprehension, quizzes, verb conjugation tables, reading passages, conversations by native speakers, and more. The videos mainly don’t cover more complicated themes, so you should definitely give it a go if you’re a beginner and want to learn Spanish on YouTube. 

At a glance – Learn Spanish on Youtube with “Butterfly Spanish”:


motivating videos in good quality


totally for free (donation!)


120 videos for beginners and intermediate learners

Spanish Pod 101

Spanish Pod 101 has more than 500.000 subscribers (June 2020) and offers almost 900 free videos and audios with an emphasis on vocabulary and conversation. They also give you some advice on how to improve your Spanish in general. All lessons are in English.

We like the fact that a lot of videos are useful to practice your daily Spanish conversation skills. It’s mainly for beginners and people who want to improve their basic Spanish quickly.

If you want full access to all their features, you will need to set up an account on their webpage and need to upgrade your subscription to a paid membership. You can sign up for a membership with even more high-quality videos and audios (starting from US$ 4/month).

With a “premium-plus” membership (US$23 per month, June 2020), you will be able to make a Spanish level assessment-test guided by a real teacher.

At a glance – Learn Spanish on Youtube with SpanishPod 101:


more than 800 videos & audios


membership for full access

The AIB-Network: Spanish for Beginners 101

Learn Spanish on Youtube

The AIB-Network is an educational TV-Channel from Atlanta, USA. The videos seem to be a bit “old-fashioned,” but the content is what we liked!

We found that the playlist of videos of the AIB-Network is very helpful for beginners. Covering the most critical issues of pronunciation, verbs, and vocabulary is a solid basis for starting your career as a Spanish speaker.

Also, the videos are in English. There’re 22 of them, which is way less than in the two other channels we described above, but maybe this is what you’re looking for. Less is sometimes more, and sometimes too much choice can be distracting from your learning process!

We also liked the fact that the teacher explains very well, especially the pronunciation part. There’s plenty to learn, and somehow we find the “old-fashioned”-way of the videos very relaxing.

There’s no distraction from funny jokes or music around, and it’s easier to focus on the things you want to learn. If you’re just about to start learning Spanish, the AIB-Network might be your first choice!

At a glance -Learn Spanish on Youtube with the AIB-Network:


22 high-quality videos for beginners


totally for free

Conclusion: Our honest review

There’s no YouTube channel that we can recommend 100%. Not because of the lack of quality of the videos, mainly because every Spanish learning person is different.

It depends on what you prefer, your goal, and what your actual Spanish level is.

One of the biggest problems is that you are responsible for your learning process on YouTube. There’s no teacher in front of you who tells you what to learn and when.

So if you’re a well-organized person and have already learned a foreign language before, you might be successful with one of these YouTube channels.

But if you’re just about to start learning Spanish, you might find to offer on YouTube a bit overwhelming.

We recommend that you stick with ONE YouTube-channel first to get a structure into your learning process.

Also, we have to mention that Spanish conversation is completely missing if you learn Spanish on YouTube. And that’s the biggest problem! If you decide to learn Spanish ONLY on Youtube, you will probably get a good base of “passive” vocabulary and grammar, but you won’t be able to use it in a daily conversation.

Additionally, no one corrects you in case of mistakes in your pronunciation, grammar, or vocabulary.

Try to figure out what’s best for you. Learning Spanish on YouTube might be an excellent complement for you if you know what you want and what to learn.

But we honestly believe that YouTube-videos still can’t substitute a real-life Spanish teacher, if it is online or in real life, in front of you.

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Learn Spanish on Youtube
Learn Spanish on Youtube
Learn Spanish on Youtube

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