How long does it take to learn Spanish?

Our philosophy

As “Spanish School El Zonte,” we love the Spanish language and, of course, teaching Spanish. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an advanced speaker – you probably ask yourself: “How long does it take to learn Spanish?”

Is it possible to take the fast track?

Are there any methods, learning materials, books, Apps, or institutions that can make it easier to learn Spanish?

We want to let you know about our philosophy. Because, if you decide to learn Spanish with us, you should understand what Spanish School El Zonte is all about.

how long does it take to learn Spanish?
how long does it take to learn Spanish

“How long does it take to learn Spanish?”

We can hear and read almost daily so many slogans on the internet:

“Learn Spanish fast in only 3 months!”
“Be fluent in Spanish in only 4 weeks!”
“Learn Spanish fast: Easy, fun, effective!”

Well, our answer to the question, “How long does it take to learn Spanish?” is easy! It takes as much time as you as an individuum need! Every learner is different! Everyone has a different motivation for why he or she is learning Spanish! Everyone has an individual amount of time available to “invest” into learning Spanish.

“Can I learn Spanish fast?”

Only these three factors mentioned before (time, motivation, and individual abilities) make the answer obvious: It’s all about marketing! Everyone wants to learn Spanish fast and in the shortest amount of time…and with fun, of course! We don’t make advertising with these slogans because we think that everyone needs the methods that fit best. 

An example: If you have learned several languages before, you will probably learn Spanish fast. If Spanish is your first foreign language to study, you will need more time to understand the Spanish language’s basic structure.

how to learn spanish fast
how does it take to learn Spanish

What’s the best way to learn Spanish?

We must say: There is no method existing that works for every learner! Everyone who says that there is the “best” method, app, or program that fits all learners does this for marketing purposes! 

We believe that we, as Spanish teachers, must adapt to the learner’s needs. 

  • A tourist that wants to learn conversational Spanish to order a beer and make some local friends doesn’t necessarily need to know the Spanish subjunctive, but he needs a lot of practice with conversational Spanish. 
  • A doctor that has a lot of Spanish speaking patients needs a particular vocabulary. 
  • If you have learned a language before, you probably know HOW to learn. You won’t need that much assistance discovering the structure of the Spanish grammar.

There is NO best way to learn Spanish. But there is a right way for you as an individual to learn Spanish!

So what is our philosophy?

Spanish School El Zonte offers “custom-made Spanish lessons” because we believe that every learner is different! We adapt our lessons to the student’s needs. Our teachers have various methods for every particular topic, whether learning new vocabulary, explaining Spanish grammar, or practicing listening and conversational skills.

We use our self-designed learning manuals to offer you an orientation during the learning process. They contain the necessary grammar and vocabulary for the different levels defined by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)

Additionally, we offer online exercises on our webpage and learning videos on our YouTube-Channel, especially for beginners. 

how long does it take to learn Spanish?
Our humble philosophy: How long does it take to learn Spanish? 1

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