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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

If you need  more informations about your trip to El Salvador please feel free to contact us.

We’re convinced that you won’t regret it! El Salvador isn’t as overcrowded as many other places in the world. Beside learning Spanish and surfing the best waves in Central America there a lot of things to discover in El Salvador. If you want to relax and enjoy the tropical lifestyle in El Zonte, this is the place to be! We can organize you trips to beautiful places in El Salvador. #DontSkipElSalvador

Yes, El Salvador definitely has its problems, but to 99% it’s not affecting tourists. The other 1% is the typical risk that you have if you travel to poor countries. El Salvador has serious problems concerning social inequality, gang crime and poverty, but that’s one reason more for us to keep our idea going and let the local people be part of our project. We strongly believe that sustainable tourism is one of the possibilities to improve the life of salvadoran people. If you feel unsafe, just book a travel guide. We can help if you need one!

As Spanish School El Zonte we want to maintain a certain quality and we want to pay our employees fairly. Therefore you support a project that is dedicated to sustainability and maintain El Zonte as a paradise as it is right now. And by the way: we pay taxes like every company should do. Anyway feel free to ask: We offer special rates for partner and group lessons, long term stays at PALO VERDE HOTEL and packages with surf classes.

No problem, we can arrange that for you! Let us know!

We can provide your a rental car if you need one – just ask! Depending on your country of residence you need a valid drivers license!

Yes, you can! Check out this website to get more informations about who to take a bus to travel to the different places in El Salvador:

Our partners regularly offer surfing lessons to beginners and you can have a lot of fun as a beginner in El Zonte. Nevertheless we recommend you to listen to our local guides or to ask one before you go into the water of you’re not sure.

No, there’s no ATM in El Zonte. If you need cash you have to go to El Tunco, there are several ATMs available.

No, there’s not. For smaller problems you can easily take a bus to La Libertad. If you have a serious problem there’re doctors and hospitals in San Salvador that have an international standard.

We are actually working on it! If you are interested let us know. We’re always looking for people who are open-minded!