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Hotel Palo Verde
Carretera Litoral CA-2 #12
Playa El Zonte
La Libertad, El Salvador

Spanish School El Zonte

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Frequently Asked

Is El Salvador dangerous?

El Salvador is for foreigners probably less dangerous than other typical tourist destination. We recommend you to read more in our blog to get more information.

Do you offer accommodation?
We don’t offer our own accommodation yet. But we work together with several hostel and hotels in El Zonte to provide you something that fits to your budget. Have a look at our accommodation page and contact us for further information.
Do you offer discounts?
Yes, we do. And it’s simple: The more lessons you take, the less you pay per lessons. Also, Hotel Palo Verde offers special prices for our customers. Anyway, we believe that our price are fair. We want to pay our teachers fairly and also, we pay taxes, because Spanish School El Zonte is an official business.
Can I take less then 10 lessons?
If you don’t have that much time you take less then 10 lessons with Spanish School El Zonte. Each lessons would be US$15 if you take less than 10 lessons. Anyway, we recommend you to take at least ten lessons to make some signifiant progress.
What about the airport transfer?

We can arrange an airport pickup for you at any time. Anyway, we recommend you to read out blog-post about airport transfer.

How do I get to El Zonte?
It depends from where you come from. El Zonte is about 15min away from El Tunco. You can take to public bus to get here. It takes you about 60min to get from the International airport to El Zonte by taxi. Also, we recommend you to read out blog-post to get more information.
How far is it from my hostel in El Zonte to the Spanish School?
No matter where you stay in El Zonte: everything is in walking distance! If you are staying in El Tunco we recommend you taking the public bus or rent a car.
Do you offer volunteer programs?
For now, we don’t offer any volunteer programs, but we’re working on it. Please don’t hesitate to contact us so we can think about establishing one.

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Spanish Lessons in El Salvador


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Spanish School El Zonte

Grupo HC SA de CV

NIT: 0614-270717-105-8

12 Avenida Norte #107,
Colonia Las Palmeras
Santa Tacla, El Salvador


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