Playa El Zonte, El Salvador
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Cheapest Spanish school in Central America?

The cheapest Spanish school in Central America? If you’re looking for the cheapest Spanish school in Latin America we are probably not the one you are looking for, there might be cheaper ones. But we can offer you a fair price. “Fair” means fair for you and fair for the people who are working here: our teachers! The idea of sustainable tourism doesn’t stop at the environmental aspect. We want to pay our teachers fairly. Spanish School El Zonte pays their social security fees, taxes and we try to offer them opportunities to develop their professional career. El Salvador has a lot of issues concerning social inequality. Therefore we think that the cheapest Spanish School in Latin America is probably not the best one.

Free Wifi

Our students have free Wifi-Access during their stay with us!

Learning Manual

You will get a free learning manual that is included in the price of the classes.

Free Coffee & Water

Of course we will provide you free water and coffee during your classes.

These are our most asked packages:


10 Spanish Lessons
$ 100
  • one-to-one tuition
  • free learning manual
  • 1-3 lessons per day


20 Spanish Lessons
$ 190
  • one-to-one tuition
  • free learning manual
  • 2-4 lessons per day


10 Spanish Lessons
$ 80
  • partner tuition (price p.p.)
  • free learning manuals
  • 1-3 lessons per day

As a partner of Palo Verde we can offer you special rates for this beautiful boutique hotel ein El Zonte. We also provide surf lessons with our experienced partners from Surferos-Surfcamp. If you wish to book a room at Wipeout-Surfhouse or Esencia Nativa we can also help you. Please see our accommodation-section on this website and write us an email to get more information.

Spanish School El Zonte Price List

Spanish Lessons El Salvador
You can also pay by credit card but in this case we have to charge you a 5% fee (because the bank charges us 5%).