Spanish School El Zonte: Learn Spanish in paradise: El Zonte, El Salvador! Our idea is to make our students the protagonists of the learning process and to create an enjoyable learning experience. We offer high quality Spanish lessons adapted to the student’s individual desires and abilities. Spanish School El Zonte uses modern, interesting and varied teaching materials. It is designed and provided by us. But you can also bring your own textbooks, exercises, books, etc..
El Zonte is a small beach village in El Salvador which is known for its vibrant surfing scene, excellent waves almost all year around and its lovely people. We offer amazing sunsets and coconuts directly from the trees. We’re proud that we don’t have any noisy bars, discotheques or big hotels here. If you want to party you can go to El Tunco for a night out. It’s a 15 minute bus ride from El Zonte. El Zonte itself has some nice small hostels, restaurants and bars. You will have enough possibilities to practice your spanish that you’ve learned at out our school with the local people here. We’re convinced that you won’t regret to come to El Zonte Spanish School!
El Zonte and El Salvador isn’t as overcrowded as many other places in the world. Beside learning Spanish and surfing the best waves in Central America there a lot of things to discover in El Salvador. If you want to relax and enjoy the tropical lifestyle in El Zonte, this is the place to be! We can also organize you trips to beautiful places in El Salvador. Spanish School El Zonte wants to maintain a certain quality and we want to pay our employees fairly. By choosing Spanish School El Zonte you support a project that is dedicated to sustainability and maintain El Zonte and El Salvador as a paradise as it is right now.